Big Ed and Rose Horrible Break Up

in the final instalment of 90 day fiancé's favourite couple big ed and rose part ways for good...
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  • 100k likes and I'll go on 90 day fiancé and marry big ed

    ImAllexxImAllexx10 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂

      Ifechi OchiIfechi Ochi4 timer siden
    • Have a happy marriage Alex

      mimckeymoumse :omimckeymoumse :o18 timer siden
    • Please please PLEASE make a video on onisions "bye" video- it left me shocked

      GracieGracie2 dager siden
    • ImAllexx you’re trash

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    • Getting everyone I know to like

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  • ‘I don’t really take sides on it, I’m just take the mick’

    Edna ModelessEdna Modeless6 minutter siden
  • ‘I don’t really take sides on it, I’m just take the mick’

    Edna ModelessEdna Modeless6 minutter siden
  • Hi Alex If ur seeing this, Keep up with the great Vids and Carry on uploading

    Airship Galaxy85Airship Galaxy8555 minutter siden
  • Hard to believe that Ed doesn’t realise how much of a prick he is

    Lizzie MarieLizzie Marie3 timer siden
  • Okay but why is nobody talking about David & Lana?

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  • Oh god it has 666k views

    Landen CrandellLanden Crandell12 timer siden
  • I love how he never shows any emotion 😂

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  • big is fat Dislike to agree

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  • Soo what's your only fans? 😩😂

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  • Hahaah biting your lip was 💯

    Melissa ArnettMelissa ArnettDag siden
  • You should have 20 million subs

    Cusion ZaighamCusion ZaighamDag siden
  • Is it bad that i like watching grown men cry? Especially when they deserve it, like I'm an evil witch now I guess

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  • mullet

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  • Love Alex he is so funny, EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE NOW XD 😋🌺💕I am subbing to everyone who subs to me and I would really appreciate the support 💕🌺😋

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  • Alex, please put that travel pillow down. We need your videos now more than ever.

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  • Why is everyone making jokes about Ed’s neck you can’t make jokes of something that doesn’t exist?🧐

    Oisin GamerOisin GamerDag siden
  • He is the crash test dumby

    batmuffin3 the purple hatterbatmuffin3 the purple hatter2 dager siden
  • things I will never in my life do is 1 try beans 2 get a foot massage

    dianadiana2 dager siden
  • Please please PLEASE make a video on onisions "bye" video- it left me shocked

    GracieGracie2 dager siden
    • What's it about?

      walking talking highlighterwalking talking highlighter21 time siden
  • sup cat man

    Connor PearsonConnor Pearson2 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does Alex look like a 12 year old kid who just hit his puberty.

    Woshi MLWoshi ML2 dager siden
  • he has steve buscemi eyes

    nathannathan2 dager siden
  • Big Ed is the biggest simp I’ve ever seen

    Dominica JonesDominica Jones2 dager siden
  • This was so wired when he rubbed her leg like ummm 😐

    Night WolfNight Wolf2 dager siden
  • Pink suits you so well, alex

    lu glu g2 dager siden
  • Why is it everyoje asumes that the rich whute person is the victim? People always forget it's really difficult for the other people who come to a foreign country and don't have the power to walk away easilly.

    soyeon's potatosoyeon's potato2 dager siden
  • Big Ed dosen't have a neck He had to 360 AROUND TO LOOK

    Deimantė PėtelytėDeimantė Pėtelytė2 dager siden
  • That's no mouse mate that a rat

    Catfish 13Catfish 132 dager siden
  • Please address the Nicholas deoreos thing

    JujiJuji2 dager siden
  • Isn't it your biggest dream come true to know that big ed and Shane Dawson are following you, Alex?

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  • 🤍🤍🤍

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  • Lol did you claim leafys video?

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  • I just realised that Alex looks like Cal Kestis

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  • Alex can I ask how the hell did you go form 1.90m to 2.03 in like a day I will really like to know thanks.

    Kaj BajloriKaj Bajlori3 dager siden
  • Jeez bud, imagine getting a video deleted cause it criticizes you.

    sorekidsorekid3 dager siden
    • The Gingeyyy wut

      sorekidsorekid3 dager siden
    • Imagine wasting your time to go on a channel to criticise someone on something that isnt true when you could be watchimg the grape fruit technique and getting some padding for your knees so you can do what ur best at and suck of someone instead of raising money for a chin

      The GingeyyyThe Gingeyyy3 dager siden
  • Alex you should do a reading Instagram dms video that would be fun lol Like so Alex can see

    George HorsfieldGeorge Horsfield3 dager siden
  • I LOVE ur vids ❤️❤️❤️ are u going to do a video on kaitlin Bennett’s email on copyright infringement? I just saw kristina maione’s video about it

    GwynGwyn3 dager siden
  • Alex I saw a video about kaitlin bennet trying to sue/copyright strike you and some other commentary channels. Is it true??

    Abi HighleyAbi Highley3 dager siden
  • That's not ok man

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin3 dager siden
  • Did you say n word

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin3 dager siden
    • When? 😂

      HiHelloHiHello2 dager siden
  • I came back to this video because I just realized big Ed is the bad guy from the Lorax movie. O’hare. Lol. Please look it up

    Lauren CoxLauren Cox3 dager siden
    • HiHello if you cut his bangs I bet he would

      Lauren CoxLauren CoxDag siden
    • He looks nothing like him but ok

      HiHelloHiHello2 dager siden
  • It would be a funny story if I called myself ImAidenn and everyone was like “you copied I’malexx” and then I had permission... please alex

    RamenBoiRamenBoi3 dager siden

    Madison JonesMadison Jones3 dager siden
    • Madison Jones I’m pretty sure that was a rumour

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  • big ed= Humpty Dumpty

    felix steelefelix steele3 dager siden
  • 2 fucking ads alexx??????

    fernanda trindadefernanda trindade3 dager siden
  • Just came here after Nicholas DeOrios vid about Zaptie. Can't fucking wait for your dumb ass to get cancelled.

    SprinkleBombSprinkleBomb3 dager siden
  • He didn’t even do anything wrong

    CousCousCousCous3 dager siden
  • Whenever you become friends with ImAlex a countdown timer starts in his head and when it reaches zero you know he gonna accuse you of raping someone

    bines acolobines acolo3 dager siden
  • Crash test dummy here

    Superwasp 2003Superwasp 20033 dager siden
  • For some of the vid I took Ed’s side

    Shadow StormShadow Storm3 dager siden
  • Your videos are starting to get boring...

    JustukkiJustukki3 dager siden
    • Why do you feel the need to comment that :(

      Ash XxAsh Xx3 dager siden
  • Big Ed isn’t even in the position to be mean and lie to her. Look at him, he looks like a thumb. And rose is gorgeous. Looks shouldn’t matter of course but you can’t be hideous and an asshole. PICK ONE

    dummy thiccdummy thicc4 dager siden
  • Crying in ur room for 10hrs straight

    3zra plays3zra plays4 dager siden
    • Crying In your room for 10 hours straight

      Schlatt for president 2020Schlatt for president 20203 dager siden
  • also ik it was a joke but that lip bite doe

    XxvDustyRosevxXXxvDustyRosevxX4 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> we all have a crush on ed

    XxvDustyRosevxXXxvDustyRosevxX4 dager siden
  • hey at least it lasted longer than your friendships.

    airam siul toro laracuenteairam siul toro laracuente4 dager siden
  • I think given that Big Ed wasn't even from this planet he should be given a bit of a break, first Sontaran to date outside of their species, that's brave!

    The Geordie NerdThe Geordie Nerd4 dager siden
  • Leafy #1

    CarlosCarlos4 dager siden
  • My mum watches this shit its disappointing rather just stick to getting bullied by Ryan Kent an Ben Yedder

    El ProfessorEl Professor4 dager siden
  • At least she's honest

    martha O'Cmartha O'C4 dager siden
  • Quarintine is making all of the eboys thumbnails like will’s satisying videos and james... just james

    AbsoluteDavid LukeAbsoluteDavid Luke4 dager siden
  • too many ads buddy

    nicanica4 dager siden
  • okay but i am highly attracted to alex in pink.

    nicanica4 dager siden
  • it makes me so mad that Ed was the one who cheated in his first relationship, lied to Rose and expects her to bow down to HIM and is surprised when she has an opinion of her own. he IS an awful person, or at least he's too selfish and self-centred to see (or care about) the damage he's doing. he wants to find love, but love is a two-way street, not whatever he's looking for.

    maya chimaya chi4 dager siden
  • Please make more 99 fiancés

    Aubrey LilyAubrey Lily4 dager siden
  • Stop saying "Fing" instead of "Thing" idiot! Jesus Christ Alex

    Jeffrey CornellJeffrey Cornell4 dager siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="654">10:54</a> why did i laugh so hard when he started crying

    Gooseman and HornabearGooseman and Hornabear4 dager siden
  • Big ed is built like a Lego brick

    Steve LSteve L4 dager siden
  • Alex accidentally put mayonnaise in his left eyeball

    ClashedClashed4 dager siden
  • Casually sitting here crying bc rona messed up my whole senior year ending and my parents have been stressed asf bc they are basically elderly at this point *they had me when they were older* and have low immune systems and all these other complications and they are so negative and hateful without meaning to be and then they feel really bad after and I understand they are just stressed but dude it still hurted anyways thanks for my rant tbh I have literally no one to talk to lol Update this video is making me feel better

    Agebqj AbbwqAgebqj Abbwq4 dager siden
    • Agebqj Abbwq I understand! It’s better to just let it all out, even if that’s in a yt comment section! Sometimes I feel like people don’t listen to me but I’m so glad the video made you feel better!

      Ash XxAsh Xx3 dager siden
    • Ash Xx thank you , you don't know how much ur comment meant to me Tbh , sometimes I feel like no one ever likes to hear me vent or even talk lol

      Agebqj AbbwqAgebqj Abbwq3 dager siden
    • Hey! My mum had me when she was older too, I know how you feel. My brother got to still grow up with them ‘young.’ I also loved listening to your rant! :))

      Ash XxAsh Xx3 dager siden
  • Rose is so hardcore I have no choice but to be up her arse

    katie scallonkatie scallon4 dager siden
  • Right what’s all this about James and Alex getting engaged then??

    FAVXXFAVXX5 dager siden
    • wait what?

      leiqrileiqri5 dager siden
  • You’re like a 1998 footballer with your hair Alex, I want to infiltrate your life, gain your trust and friendship, enjoy the good times and build enough rapport with you that after 2 years you’ll finally let me, as your trusted confidant and buddy, style your damn hair properly.

    VerityVerity5 dager siden

    AbstraktzzAbstraktzz5 dager siden
  • It's good to see a fellow British person with a good sense of humour

    SharkAttack Gamer!SharkAttack Gamer!5 dager siden
  • Shut up

    Oliver WillcoxOliver Willcox5 dager siden
  • Love is real. Alex just hasn't found it because in the gay scene anonymous sex is so prolific.

  • Have u seen Leafys new vid?

    Angelina SalmonAngelina Salmon5 dager siden
  • if i was rose i would've left him so fast

    Zora PowellZora Powell5 dager siden