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They say there is a war
Between the man and the woman (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
I've never felt like this before
My heart knew that I couldn't (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
And then you take me in
And everything in me begins to feel like I belong
Like everybody needs a home
And when I take your hand
Like the world has never held a man
I know I cannot heal the hurt
But I will hold you here forever
If I can, if I can
And then I learned the truth
How everything good in life seems to lead back to you
And every single time I run into your arms
I feel like I exist for love
Like I exist for love
Only for love
I can't imagine how it is to be forbidden from loving (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
'Cause when you walked into my life
I could feel my life begin
Like I was torn apart the minute I was only born
And you're the other half
The only thing that makes me whole
I know it sounds like a lot
But you really need to know
We are leaning out for love
And we will lean for love forever, I know
I love you so
And then I learned the truth
How everything good in life seems to lead back to you
And every single time I run into your arms
I feel like I exist for love
Only for love
And when you say my name
Like white horses on the waves
I think it feels the same
As an ocean in my veins
And you'll be diving in
Like nothing is out of place
And we exist for love
Only for love
And I love you, I love you, I love you
And I love you, I love you, I love you

Music video by AURORA performing Exist For Love. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited
#AURORA #ExistForLove





    Maria Paula AguilarMaria Paula Aguilar3 timer siden
  • i adore this song so much :( it reminds me of my special person and she always reminds me i am loved and i am important, truly we exist to feel love

    Allison VillafuerteAllison Villafuerte3 timer siden
  • I dunno who or what she loves that much but that person or thing is blessed

    Dominique HamelDominique Hamel4 timer siden
  • my love💗I awaken to to you

    ハルハルハルハル4 timer siden
  • Reminds me of the film "The Great Gatsby"

    QuantaQuanta5 timer siden
  • Ah, this song is one of the few things saving 2020!

    Pablo DanielPablo Daniel5 timer siden
  • So Nice 😌❤

    Marcel Pereira da silvaMarcel Pereira da silva5 timer siden
  • ok atheists, i need anwers after i see this

    Karlita loolipopKarlita loolipop5 timer siden
  • Maravilhosa demais para este mundo!😍😍

    Isabeli SchefferIsabeli Scheffer5 timer siden
  • Lol I got a frozen ad before this.

    RenRen7 timer siden
  • she is so agressively likeable. like i am tryi g but cannot have a single negative thought. listebing to her voice is like floating on a pillow made of feathers and this is the first time i ever heard a song of hers

    Kix MixKix Mix7 timer siden
  • this songs just makes all the best disney songs sound empty and devoid of emotion in comparison. Best song I've heard in years!!

    Fernando RodriguesFernando Rodrigues8 timer siden
  • i don’t believe in love but when i listen to this song i feel like i know how it’s like thank you aurora :)

    Ve MaVe Ma8 timer siden
  • Marry me

    Ömer DenizÖmer Deniz8 timer siden
  • Parece una elfa adolescente....irradia hermosura

    Rafael DeustuaRafael Deustua9 timer siden
  • 2322 personas que solo sirven para renegar del trabajo de otros

    Rafael DeustuaRafael Deustua9 timer siden
  • Hoping that the tiktok aesthetic users doesn't ruin this song

    Richard VelayoRichard Velayo9 timer siden
  • I feel embrace by the moon with this song.

    alex coronaalex corona9 timer siden
  • This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I dont know why, but my tears are running. Just beautiful!

    Rolf Kristian DaniloffRolf Kristian Daniloff10 timer siden
  • The song is what Disney wants to be

    Kellic BabyKellic Baby10 timer siden
  • Serotonin is here now thx

    Kellic BabyKellic Baby10 timer siden
  • Her voice is before our time wow just breathtaking

    Isabella RoseIsabella Rose11 timer siden
  • Imma using this in my wedding if i have one

    luxoluminous glorianiluxoluminous gloriani11 timer siden
  • Wow... This really struck a nerve in me... This is so beautifull💘 When there comes a album of her with just this song, i would totaly buy it just for this song....💖

    Azura The GreyAzura The Grey11 timer siden
  • Most beautiful being on the earth. Love from Sweden. I would love for her being true to scandinavian ways but i fear for her being a globalistic left wing socialistic millenial.

    crazyhillbillyjoecrazyhillbillyjoe12 timer siden
    • crazyhillbillyjoe There’s nothing more “Scandinavian” than how she grew up ... I suggest you do more research 🙂

      aeropilotaeropilot2 timer siden
    • Why do you ruin your first word with the last?

      vidarmedlvidarmedl10 timer siden
  • Aurora is the only woman who can have a long hair on her armpit and still look like a Goddess.

    Ms L DMs L D12 timer siden
  • I love you too that was beautiful Aurora 🤩🙏🤩 rms

    Rms ShilkoRms Shilko12 timer siden
  • Beautiful guys

    Abdul RasheedAbdul Rasheed12 timer siden
  • venus is in retrograde, do not fall for darkness pretending to be light

    coinínbáncoinínbán13 timer siden
    • coinínbán do not believe in pseudo scientific prophesy 😉

      aeropilotaeropilot2 timer siden
  • Discovered her a month ago and I absolutely love her music.

    Minahil MirMinahil Mir13 timer siden
  • Does anyone else feel any kind of jazz vibes in this song? if you close your eyes when she finishes "for love" you can feel in New York

    WalterWalter14 timer siden
  • o my godddddddddddd i loved

    Rian GomesRian Gomes14 timer siden
  • this song has such a magical feeling

    Giovanna PinheirolveiraGiovanna Pinheirolveira15 timer siden
  • People in the comments be like: 💕🌈🌸🧚🏻‍♀️💖🍃🥺

    BlunaBluna16 timer siden
  • Poseidon, King of the Sea, one day created the Horse. Breaking waves are referred to as the white horse as the crest of the mane can be seen as the mane of the horse and if you listen closely the faint booming of the waves crashing sounds like hundreds of hooves thundering along the ground. That's why she says "white horses on the waves"

    Joao Rodrigo BaconJoao Rodrigo Bacon16 timer siden
  • If this song doesnt play in my wedding im gonna leave it if I copy someone's comment I'm sorry I'm only telling the truth xd I LOVE YOU ALL THE LOVE FROM COSTA RICA ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕

    Maria Paula AguilarMaria Paula Aguilar17 timer siden
  • I love this song so much. It's very romantic, just reminds me of a night of champage bottles feel it like in the clouds

    Olivia AmilyOlivia Amily17 timer siden
  • This artist is one of the greatest of the 21st century

    Jackie OwensJackie Owens17 timer siden
  • I'm always crying while listening to this song. The lyrics and her voice are so damn powerful. I'm glad to exist at this time, and get the chance to listen to her songs. I can feel how she's expressing love with her gestures and her voice. Thank you Aurora.

    MeGMeG17 timer siden
  • queennn!!

  • Damn, everytime I listen to this I remember Meruem and Komugi from Hunter x Hunter 😅♥

    Tata's VlogTata's Vlog17 timer siden
  • a moment of silence for those who haven't found AURORA songs yet

    Joseph BJoseph B17 timer siden
  • She sounds like a princess 😍🥰

    Hi It’s AlexisHi It’s Alexis17 timer siden
    • Hi It’s Alexis 👉🏻👑👈🏻 ☺️

      aeropilotaeropilot2 timer siden
  • The first time I heard this I thought no no no, this is not the Aurora that I know..... BUT after hearing it again and again, it is such a beautiful song sang beautifully.

    Dan WaltersDan Walters18 timer siden
  • ♥♥♥

    Komo MizuharaKomo Mizuhara18 timer siden
  • I love your music so much. It makes me cry but in a way that sets you free and heals your heart. I really needed this.

    Jhoa SungJhoa Sung18 timer siden
  • She took influences both from Leonard Cohen (There is a war/Suzanne) and Dalida (C'est fini la comédie) for this song and managed to add her own touch to it, with a beautiful decor inspired by Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus". That's dope.

    MétaponteMétaponte18 timer siden
  • After watching this video (more than a few times), one takeaway is that Aurora is (would be) quite a good actress. Hello Disney!

    Nicolas TatroNicolas Tatro20 timer siden
    • Nicolas Tatro she acts well in all her videos already 🙂

      aeropilotaeropilot2 timer siden
  • I've never seen any quarantine comment so far on this music video

    Flora RubyFlora Ruby21 time siden
  • I love song 🥰

    Abraham NegreteAbraham Negrete22 timer siden
  • Kid life version They say there is a war Between the man and the woman ^ | (*my mom and dad fight just like ww1 and 2*) I've never felt like this before My heart knew that I couldn't ^ | (*whats this new pain ive never felt before in my life*) And then you take me in And everything in me begins to feel like I belong Like everybody needs a home And when I take your hand Like the world has never held a man I know I cannot heal the hurt But I will hold you here forever If I can, if I can ^ | (*took my away pain like everyone would make ot felt like home once more , i held your hand not knowing your in pain than proceed hugging you forever if i can*) The next paragraph (*each time that person fall in love it lead back to the past where im there to be hurt for love and im only exist for that*) Well if it doesnt make sense well thanks for reading it , but if you knew the love life style youve seen and been through from young to old this just like this song , you would know how harsh it is . In the end you ... ...

    zilia huizilia hui22 timer siden
  • I cried so hard when Doja Cat showed this to us in her stream....but I made it thru this video(weeks later lol) with dry eyes! Yes! ....but then the comments had to go and reck song, lullabies.....y'all are RUDE! T^T ♡♡♡

    JulyCocoaMonkey16JulyCocoaMonkey1622 timer siden
  • I feel like biting and squishing this song ITS TOO SWEET AND CUTE

    Yo DawgYo Dawg23 timer siden
  • I need to write a song with the complete opposite position but coming from a positive place not saying there's anything wrong with the message here just some of us dont relate or feel we need anyone to make us whole but at the same time this is very inspiring all things considered

    natty features EVERYTHINGnatty features EVERYTHING23 timer siden
  • Why in the world I just discover Aurora after Frozen II😭😭😭😭😭

    Zahra BotutiheZahra Botutihe23 timer siden
  • It’s just Legendary ✨

  • I exist to love listening auroras song

    Anowarul HoqueAnowarul HoqueDag siden
  • I was here before this song blew up, mark my word!!

    Nguyễn Việt HưngNguyễn Việt HưngDag siden
  • mag ich nit

    GerminatorGerminatorDag siden
  • Her voice more beautiful than ever💖💖

    Vocaloid FunVocaloid FunDag siden
  • Aurora merece todo en esta vida

    SuverzaSuverzaDag siden
  • Brb. I have to go remind my wife, how much I love her.

    Zee DonZee DonDag siden
  • she who sing as "the voice" in frozen 2 luv

    Retno Ayu FeolitaRetno Ayu FeolitaDag siden
  • since the video started playing, i can't take my eyes off Aurora; i was captivated hahha

    Chris RolfeChris RolfeDag siden
  • This girl is from heaven 💗🦋

    a 7 7 a i na 7 7 a i nDag siden
  • Associations with Kimbra's Settle Down. When she dancing with two girls.

    Виктор ГолубоВиктор ГолубоDag siden
  • this song makes me think that maybe there is good in the world

    anna fionaanna fionaDag siden
  • The Best song for me ❤️❤️❤️

    Ely Alberto Yean SueroEly Alberto Yean SueroDag siden
  • I love this song :'( thank you. It's beautiful.

    kani abysskani abyssDag siden
  • I feel like people who listen to this immediately get released from all their chains that this world of darkness puts in them

    nyqizmos?¿somzikennyqizmos?¿somzikenDag siden
  • Wowww

    zoe b.zoe b.Dag siden
  • Beautiful!

    papi chulopapi chuloDag siden
  • 😍

    Laura PinoLaura PinoDag siden
  • The scene in The Fifth Element when the blue lady starts singing and Bruce Willis is in total awe. I'm Bruce Willis.

    The Blank Face WatchesThe Blank Face WatchesDag siden
  • She's a magic

    i sHiT mY pAnTsi sHiT mY pAnTsDag siden
  • Wow so beautiful and lovely

    Nicole RebelNicole RebelDag siden
  • Merci Aurore 🙏💓☀️

    Sophie ChabrolSophie ChabrolDag siden
  • I have no words to describe the sensations that your music causes in me. I love you Aurora❤

    Lady Andrea García LealLady Andrea García LealDag siden
  • The earth needed someone like Aurora.

    Natalia E. CastilloNatalia E. CastilloDag siden
  • This music bring me the peace that i never had. 😍❤️

    Juan SevericheJuan SevericheDag siden