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  • I hate Americans there shit

    Druze Kid the realDruze Kid the realMåned siden
  • Not sking bro Its skeng

    inmortal_ boshiinmortal_ boshiMåned siden
  • Skiing 😂

    Rainbow 6 HighlightsRainbow 6 Highlights3 måneder siden
  • Hey was not dissing Americans, he was saying you man in the UK that don’t rate him for his bars coz he’s not American

    Nubian EmpressNubian Empress3 måneder siden
  • Literally every American reaction to this tune is the same as yours bro, don’t worry you’re not alone 😂👍🏽

    Ivankov GIvankov G3 måneder siden
  • As a non Brit or murican, I also saw it as somewhat of a shot but it’s 100% about british people loving US music and forgetting british music

    Conn BennConn Benn3 måneder siden
  • "sounds of the skeeng" 😂😂

    zanab bezanab be4 måneder siden
  • Also the 2 boys following him around is his nephews. If you watch his videos closely he always has family and friends in his videos

    loverofrnbnsoulloverofrnbnsoul4 måneder siden
  • Americans be ketchin feelings over the 1 line 😂😂 and don’t even overstand let alone understand 😂😂😂😂 easy ....

    Amanda ReAmanda Re4 måneder siden
  • nice

    Ali TawanaAli Tawana4 måneder siden
  • Sick Bro!

    IMC TribeIMC Tribe4 måneder siden
  • Underrated NOprojectr be like:

    EpisodecrackEpisodecrack4 måneder siden
  • nice

    fortnites loversfortnites lovers5 måneder siden
  • Where is your hairline

    Albi BuckmanAlbi Buckman5 måneder siden
  • nice

    fortnites loversfortnites lovers5 måneder siden
  • skeng not sking lmao

    kyle catonkyle caton5 måneder siden
  • Every reaction I seen the Americans loose their shit over that bar and don't understand it

    Detroit 7748Detroit 77485 måneder siden
  • xD BK Z CB

    Daro MaroDaro Maro5 måneder siden
  • He's definitely going at UK rappers who start forgetting their roots and try switching up to sound more like American artists just for the money!

    JoJo5 måneder siden
  • React to jay1 4 am at coventry

    Jakub StoklosaJakub Stoklosa5 måneder siden
  • React to d24 Gyptian there Irish from Dublin

    IrishGorilla HDIrishGorilla HD5 måneder siden
  • nice video..

    Studio AbabilStudio Ababil5 måneder siden
  • Good

    Song KhmerSong Khmer5 måneder siden
  • Cool

    Pajser BalvanovicPajser Balvanovic5 måneder siden
  • I dont Think he is talking to the kids watching bro.. Think he is clowning the uk rappers imitating his style

    CSTCST5 måneder siden
  • Ur looking into this too much probably Waffle

    The United KingdomThe United Kingdom5 måneder siden
  • Wasn't a shot at the US it was a shot at the the UK man who forget where they're from

    Zula TechZula Tech5 måneder siden
  • keep it bro

    ZedAyEye VinesZedAyEye Vines5 måneder siden
  • this rappers need dissing!

    ILIASILIAS5 måneder siden
  • His on bout the uk rappers love the American to much as in they wanna be like them... but the uk rappers are way better NOW..

    TiN MaNTiN MaN5 måneder siden
  • Check out Wiley Flow, its mad

    Lee MccolganLee Mccolgan5 måneder siden
  • He ain't cussing the Americans out my g, he's just saying they's English boys trying to copy the hip hop and not being the true original UK London sound, grime is ours but I'm gassed the Americans are listening, I rate you my g always showing love and know your stuff about the culture! I'd love to see you react to a good grime through the years vid or take a grime quizz show people that you know what your talking about, all love

    James O'ConnellJames O'Connell5 måneder siden
  • You ugly as hell boi

    Alex BoniciolliAlex Boniciolli5 måneder siden
  • its pronounced sk-eng my g lol ;)

    jordan conwayjordan conway5 måneder siden
  • Cool

    Lauryl RookerLauryl Rooker5 måneder siden
  • The dog is his. He makes a reference to GTA V calling his dog “Chop” in another track. The kids are his nephews FYI

    Burtieee eBurtieee e5 måneder siden
  • On your next vid listen to leader of tribe m huncho

    XLR8-CLANXLR8-CLAN5 måneder siden
  • He’s cussing uk artists trying to make it in America & forget where they come from. Succeed in your own country before trying to take over the rest of the world. 🇬🇧🙌🏽

    Chi CetinChi Cetin5 måneder siden
  • React to evolution of ofb

    TheOfficialNxvs DBTheOfficialNxvs DB5 måneder siden
  • i think diamond rank , not iron rank :))

    javiviHDjaviviHD5 måneder siden

    Movies with TKMovies with TK5 måneder siden
  • Oloff - Haciendo lt SteaIthy

    música latinamúsica latina5 måneder siden
  • If u think he's taking a shot at Americans ur stupid.... he's stating British love ur hip hip music more then are own

    Bearded_Z0mbie GamingBearded_Z0mbie Gaming5 måneder siden
  • muito top adorei

    Tharcio Da Silva HenriqueTharcio Da Silva Henrique5 måneder siden
  • Oloff - fazendo furtividade

    Maicon Douglas PlayerMaicon Douglas Player5 måneder siden
  • My man says "sounds of the sking"

    Documenting DolbéDocumenting Dolbé5 måneder siden
  • Reacts to sl- gigantalous

    sajib27sajib275 måneder siden
  • nah when he says you lot love the americans to much he means people are going over to america to make a career and try and sound like evryone else in the rap game rn hes saying do ya own shit you dont needa take it over there

    Garrett RobinsonGarrett Robinson5 måneder siden
  • 3:22 bruhh that reaction🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯

    ItzOlzyChanItzOlzyChan5 måneder siden
  • waouuh

  • react to Stigma-live bts v

    Sydney GoldenSydney Golden5 måneder siden
  • 👌

    ROT BLESSROT BLESS5 måneder siden
  • He was talking about other UK rappers that aren’t going on anywhere because there too focused on America and becoming famous in another country before there even known in their own country

    Tyler ReddyTyler Reddy5 måneder siden
  • You look like 21 savage

    sunwardisland 28sunwardisland 285 måneder siden
  • he is not throwing shots at the americans he is throwing shots at the grime scene rappers who want to be scene in the usa scene before they want to be seen/recognized in the uk

    Pedro CruzPedro Cruz5 måneder siden

    Conrad BeckerConrad Becker5 måneder siden
  • Oh bigman

    Leo _lloyLeo _lloy5 måneder siden
  • Doesn't supprise me one bit that Americans are catching feelings over that bar. 😂

    Poopski McJetskiPoopski McJetski5 måneder siden
  • Love this track so much. I did a reaction of it on my channel too if you wanna see an Aussie girls thoughts! X

    Hannah BowmanHannah Bowman5 måneder siden

    Freamee EditsFreamee Edits5 måneder siden