Adam Savage's Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!

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Adam's first project with Boston Dynamics' Spot robot gives it a novel purpose: pulling a custom-built carriage with Adam as its passenger! Watch Adam give Spot some Victorian flair and the interesting problems that arise in marrying cutting-edge robot technology with vintage transport.
Thanks to Zach Radding for his help with this project! Find his work at
Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
Set build by Asa Hillis
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  • In case you missed it, here's our first video with Spot. SO MANY MORE TO COME:

    Adam Savage’s TestedAdam Savage’s Tested8 dager siden
    • If you modify the rickshaw to use Strandbeest legs you could ditch those "wheel" thingies altogether. And with an added motor to the rickshaw legs you could have "all leg drive" ;-)

      Rene SchickbauerRene SchickbauerDag siden
    • @Adam Savage’s Tested love the build, would 2 ball bearings connecting the rickshaw to spot's hitch structure ease backward and forward momentum? Giving a little more give on back and forth motion but maybe limiting radial rotation of the ball bearing to 70 ish degrees. I can even imagine a way to get them spring loaded to reduce impact stress... so manh possibilities 🤪

      workthosemusclesworkthosemusclesDag siden
    • Gust .think that yellow .dog would help a blind see

      Richard buntRichard buntDag siden
    • when is the "spot kills something in ninja mode" video coming , you must be curious what this thing really can do mr i blowup shit.

      eric ciaramelaeric ciaramela2 dager siden
    • The poopless horse cart!

      Isaac oIsaac o3 dager siden
  • Animals are losing their jobs too!

    Usman NasirUsman Nasir3 timer siden
  • This is why they turns against us!

    SilversurferSilversurfer3 timer siden
  • This is steam punk AF!!!

    dror shalomdror shalom4 timer siden
  • Bruh is using an xbox controller

    Slippery SauceSlippery Sauce5 timer siden
  • Riding the spot bots like a horse XD Adam I knew we could chill and get along. And time just name the beer brand and I'll roll a B. To the whole robot over lord business it is more logical that they would provide us with a utopia situation where all of our needs are taken care of and we are kept docile with immersive entertainment. Similar to how we keep creatures in zoos and as pets. Than it is that they would waste resources and chance possible defeat by what is the mammalian alternative to roaches.

    Justin SanderJustin Sander5 timer siden
  • #OneMoreClamp

    Tontow MerlinTontow Merlin5 timer siden
  • My God this proof-of-concept will revolutionize Adam Savage being pulled in a rickshaw buy a robot dog!

    SomeGuyInAMechSuitSomeGuyInAMechSuit6 timer siden
  • He turned the cutting edge robot into a glorified Segway hahahahaha.

    AxodusAxodus6 timer siden
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    JacobsParryJacobsParry6 timer siden
  • Trump 2020

    ArchameadysArchameadys7 timer siden
  • it's RC robot. No AI.

    Andy Slonikzol NovikovAndy Slonikzol Novikov7 timer siden
  • Google- please ditch the self driving car and make this the new standard form of transportation!

    Donny ReischDonny Reisch7 timer siden
  • Они там в своей Америке вообще охуели

    dranick 300dranick 3007 timer siden
  • i saw this on Mullbery street.

    wastedyouth191985wastedyouth1919857 timer siden
  • Animal abuse!? That tiny robot struggling to carry his slave master made me feel sad.

    TeimurTeimur7 timer siden
  • That's just bloody crewel.

    BJ700BJ7008 timer siden
  • What a fun project!!

    Joseph J. RyuJoseph J. Ryu8 timer siden
  • I'm watching this and wondering why he didn't just copy a trailer hitch like what he keeps comparing it to. He basically built an upside-down goose neck hitch but in doing so added complexity.

    bigghoss762bigghoss7628 timer siden
  • I can see Adam going to run errands around town in that

    DragonsmilyDragonsmily9 timer siden
  • I'm curious why you didn't have him walk backwards. the legs look like they'd have more torque going in reverse

    Skorn75Skorn759 timer siden
  • Move over Elon Musk, we’re getting electric rickshaw carriages!

    ThemFuzzyMonstersThemFuzzyMonsters9 timer siden
  • Adam and James May should work on something together. That will be amazing to watch

    R MatthewR Matthew9 timer siden
  • "I like using the Spot as a work surface"

    Sand PaperSand Paper10 timer siden
  • Notice how the guy from Boston Dynamics never gives SPOT pronouns, he always calls it ‘the robot’. Definitely some kind of internal BD morality and ethics philosophy about assigning emotion to or gendering their products.

    Spirus VisualsSpirus Visuals11 timer siden
  • When you move a heavy wheelbarrow up an incline, lean forward and push up with your legs relative to your body. Am I anthropomorphising here or did spot look like it was doing that on the 2nd pull?

    Michael ScottMichael Scott11 timer siden
  • Wow Absolutely Amazing!!!!

    skatterbrainskatterbrain12 timer siden
  • 2020 TV-Shop

    MontahueMontahue12 timer siden
  • You can tell he’s a masheist and not a welder because he says chamfer and not bevel

    Oüber foxOüber fox13 timer siden
  • You need to get a fleet and mush them like dogs.

    Billy BradshawBilly Bradshaw13 timer siden
  • i want no i NEED!!

    Ashleigh MorrisAshleigh Morris13 timer siden
  • we need Spot to be twice that size and have his head hand thing from the uptown funk video then he'll actually look like a horse.

    SparrowSparrow14 timer siden
  • 16:25 nice welding gloves you got there.

    Kelvin ElrickKelvin Elrick14 timer siden
  • the sheer happiness that this brings, is truly delight in which seeing the Boston Dynamics Bot work is awesome!

    Chester SmithChester Smith14 timer siden
  • Where can i buy pls.

    Cubed ChadCubed Chad14 timer siden
  • really off topic here...but could anyone tell me what that kind of gooseneck stand he is using for the lights are called please?

    Spoon ManSpoon Man15 timer siden
  • Adam has a real-life DMT trip.

    Troy WTroy W16 timer siden
  • I love the rickshaw, the robot... not so much

    TiioakTiioak17 timer siden
  • Its funny how he looks most lifelike when hes screwing up. Coincidence?

    The Generous DegenerateThe Generous Degenerate17 timer siden
  • Great video, but you REALLY need to look at how animals are harnessed! You are trying to put the load too far back, and WAY too high! Put the load over the shoulders! Have you ever seen an Ox or Horse yoked up over the hips? You are robbing it of most of it's ability to pull, and shouldn't be surprised when it got knocked over at the end!

    the42the42the42the4217 timer siden
  • one week later: half the Boston Dynamics campus is driving around in rickshaws.

    Oldschool GamerOldschool Gamer18 timer siden
  • I am in love with Spot 😍

    LY TAYLORLY TAYLOR18 timer siden
  • Spot needs to be painted Black and adorned with Gold filigree, steampunk acutramon to match the rickshaw.

    Doug wDoug w19 timer siden
  • 19:59 the moment you realize you helped a Genius! Lol

    C JC J19 timer siden
  • Behold the first bulldog mule

    Obi DarkObi Dark20 timer siden
  • Great job as always Adam, but whoever did the filming with all the focus changes is being far too artsy, like he's trying to show off, and it's distracting.

    Tim GalosTim Galos20 timer siden
  • And now , Spot , the T 800 's pet doggo.

    Robert HorkerRobert Horker20 timer siden
  • need to make a Santas Sleigh with 8 Spot Reindeer

    adamfilipadamfilip21 time siden
  • you need 3 more Spots. to make this epic

    adamfilipadamfilip21 time siden
  • I know those bullet lights!

    vector6977vector697721 time siden
  • Adam: has a million dollar robot dog "lets make a robotically rickshaw!" also I miss your mythbuster days with, "WELL THERES YOUR PROBLEM!"

    Tate GoodwinTate Goodwin21 time siden
  • Adam is like a dwarven master builder, that is the vibe I get when they show b roll of adam designing and building the hitch.

    94E22F7EE051 B0F6841E919E5C95DF1D94E22F7EE051 B0F6841E919E5C95DF1D21 time siden
  • Well,somebody had to do it

    hamedtheunforgivenhamedtheunforgiven21 time siden
  • What's the use ? Waste of your brain

    charan kumarcharan kumar22 timer siden
  • That end though, spot crashes because physics.

    VampArtist VAVampArtist VA22 timer siden
  • Please Adam ,those black feathers are straight of a hearse !!!!

    rochele rubinrochele rubin23 timer siden
  • "Only a few dozen people will ever sit in this". This makes me sad. I want to see these roam our cities...

    Marian AldenhoevelMarian Aldenhoevel23 timer siden
  • Seem stop motion...

    MarcosMarcosDag siden
  • Why

    Nova 29Nova 29Dag siden
  • NICE to see , the dude with the lap top ,STILL AWAKE ! he's the only person calling " Spot " an IT ! after speaking the name Spot , everyone else says HE ! THAT'S very disturbing to observe ,ALSO DIS-EMPOWERING comes to mind, the wording of HE to an A.I. nightmare in a birthing process . HEY VIEWERS ! Alexa , gOO BOT AND ALL THE OTHERS still haven't woken people up I GUESS ! GO LISTEN TO THE " 10 SCARIEST THINGS ROBOTS HAVE SAID " video ! IT'S ON Y/T . MAYBE then review you're potential future with a new , fresh vision of reality . CONSIDER what our human future with these A.I. CREATIONS of deceit & UBER control will be like ? NOT JUST A VIDEO GAME WITH LEGS is a WAKE UP CALL TO ALL OF HUMANITY & OUR FUTURE AS THE HUMAN RACE ! CAN WE BE EN-SLAVED TO A TECHNOLOGY that learns FASTER then we do as a species ? BEWARE OF WHAT IS CREATED behind closed doors (THE D.A.R.P.A. SICKNESS / DISEASE ) ! KUDOS ! for calling " Spot " an IT ! " I T " IS ONLY A VERY SMART PIECE OF HARDWARE , O N L Y HARDWARE , no life !

    mrbanik2010mrbanik2010Dag siden