A Powerpoint about History

We did it again
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  • thats a big presentation for 1 minute creation timeframe

    Tiny CuberTiny CuberDag siden
  • Eat your cereal

    Oli LynchOli LynchDag siden
  • About a quarter of this presentation was about brenton When will they find him?

    Sam MclarenSam Mclaren2 dager siden
  • *Brenton*

    Super XhaidenSuper Xhaiden2 dager siden
  • History began in 1776

    Dave 2194Dave 21942 dager siden
  • Make another of this videos please

    Miguel BrunoMiguel Bruno2 dager siden
  • i would be a teacher if students were like this

    Jessica ProjectsJessica Projects2 dager siden
  • *Poo*

    Paweł MichalakPaweł Michalak3 dager siden
  • oi where's my name at the end of the vid ya wombats

    alex tekalex tek3 dager siden
  • My favourite channel on NOproject. Lol. Keep on going!

    Ottfried-Fischer-BauchOttfried-Fischer-Bauch3 dager siden
  • The hunt for Brenton continues!!

    Chase SandersChase Sanders3 dager siden
  • Wish I wish that wishes kept my internet connection quick in the middle of nowhere. Awesome!

    Wicked FifthWicked Fifth3 dager siden
  • 1820’s is where comedy comes from.

    Wicked FifthWicked Fifth3 dager siden
  • France is where the shirt guy gets his shorts.

    Wicked FifthWicked Fifth3 dager siden
  • History: 1674 Jonathan England goat New sealed.

    Wicked FifthWicked Fifth3 dager siden
  • Lockland and Jackson sounds like a bank or gun company.

    Richard TiptonRichard Tipton3 dager siden
  • I love how jimmi just basically sat in the same spot through out the video

    Jacked GeeckoJacked Geecko3 dager siden
  • this is too accurate man oh god 😭

    MySelfEsteemIsLowerThanTikTokMySelfEsteemIsLowerThanTikTok4 dager siden
  • 1:46 *Germany liked that*

    Marcell D'avisMarcell D'avis4 dager siden
  • Those damn algebrologists

    PanCakePanCake5 dager siden
  • Seems legit

    Tony SurreyTony Surrey5 dager siden
  • That guy looks like Diplo

    Gino SitolaGino Sitola5 dager siden
  • Link to the power point that was so funny

    Matthew HedgeMatthew Hedge5 dager siden
  • #StopBrenton

  • Long since i laughed so hard. SUBSCRIBED!

    johs hbjohs hb6 dager siden
  • We need a part 3 of powerpoint presentation!

    Godfried de BoullionGodfried de Boullion6 dager siden

    Ludovica TadiottoLudovica Tadiotto7 dager siden
  • I'm crying

    GriassicGriassic7 dager siden
  • 10/10 would present again.

    Justin Y's DiscipleJustin Y's Disciple8 dager siden

    PlanetRocky!PlanetRocky!8 dager siden
  • I love Jimi Jaxon and this Chanel The perfect combo

    Archos NachosArchos Nachos8 dager siden
  • Why does France smell like poo? *We were thinking the saaame thiiiing.*

    Meizar FarizkyMeizar Farizky8 dager siden
  • This had me dying

    Luz RodriguezLuz Rodriguez8 dager siden
  • Everybody a gangsta until Brenton shows up

    Raul GuaranáRaul Guaraná8 dager siden
  • Whwn you pretend to laugh just to stretch some time

    Fsy NorthFsy North8 dager siden
  • as a Historian, i say that all facts in this video is 100% true

    Dirty FriggDirty Frigg8 dager siden
    • Dirty Frigg ceo of history

      Sofia Milshtein PerelmanSofia Milshtein Perelman7 dager siden
  • Jimi jacksonnn lmao

    CYCLOPS7852CYCLOPS78529 dager siden
  • i thought darcy was gonna say “yeah you found brenton? “ when he picked up the phone ngl

    fandom phanfandom phan9 dager siden
  • Do more PowerPoint vids

    Samuel HowkeeSamuel Howkee9 dager siden
  • Why is nobody mentioning that Stanley Vision created the television? Lol y'all are on some other type of drug

    Mateja KrištoMateja Krišto9 dager siden
  • Jimi Jackson

    Weon ChoiWeon Choi10 dager siden
  • so who made the PowerPoint this time? 😂

    Ann NguyenAnn Nguyen10 dager siden
  • Harvard recruitment agents : *write that down*

    George PhinnGeorge Phinn10 dager siden
  • I just laughed for 10 minutes straight

    MrPolilililili JsoagskwMrPolilililili Jsoagskw10 dager siden
  • more powerpoint vids

    hannah barrowhannah barrow10 dager siden
  • I can’t stop watching it and each time I’m choking with laughter

    NapolyaonNapolyaon10 dager siden
  • This is how my TOK presentation is going to go down

    Tara is TarzanTara is Tarzan11 dager siden

    Marcus KnokeMarcus Knoke11 dager siden
  • I had a presentation like this in high school one time and I couldn’t stop laughing. This reminds me so much of it! 😂

    Brandon BarberBrandon Barber11 dager siden
  • France does indeed smell like poo I can confirm

    LeslieLeslie11 dager siden
  • Nothing here is technically a lie.

    Joshua NobleJoshua Noble12 dager siden
    • Joshua Noble Lies are just social constructs

      Sofia Milshtein PerelmanSofia Milshtein Perelman7 dager siden
  • Cut them some slack, Australia is still trying to piece history together.

    Kyle JonasKyle Jonas12 dager siden
  • bro im crying

    ErukouErukou13 dager siden
  • too fucking funny

    Winona DaphneWinona Daphne13 dager siden
  • An otters crossover would’ve been perfect

    Aid AishAid Aish13 dager siden
  • As one of the 4 that’s been to NZ I can confirm it’s ruled by a baron

    Lukas DravitzskismithLukas Dravitzskismith13 dager siden
  • WTF does he say at 00:23 ?!

    Dominic HallDominic Hall13 dager siden
  • At the start I couldn’t figure out if they were seriously laughing or not

    Benjamin AllumBenjamin Allum14 dager siden
  • This is by far one of their funniest videos ever

    Brodie LeistBrodie Leist14 dager siden
  • Song at the end?

    avery ugbecheavery ugbeche14 dager siden