7 things you didn't know about Erling Braut Haaland | Oh My Goal

In this video, discover 7 things you didn’t know about Erling Braut Haaland, Borussia Dortmund’s Norwegian striker. His favorite club, his idol, his role model, his rapping talent: Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the rising star Erling Haaland.
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  • who the fuck is zlatin

    Fin GoodfellowFin GoodfellowDag siden
  • his rap name isnt flow kingz, its lyng

    Fin GoodfellowFin GoodfellowDag siden
  • I know 5 of Thea i am from norway hei jeg er norsk

    Vegard s VårvikVegard s VårvikDag siden
  • Yay 2-1 dortmund why did thy have to buy haaland

    Jxcobbk _Jxcobbk _Dag siden
  • fun fact i grew up close to him and played against him and i played against him once when i was 14-15 years old. he wasn´t particularly good

    Marmalade I love marmaladeMarmalade I love marmaladeDag siden
  • This guy commentating is cringe as fuck sort it

    Cal RoloCal RoloDag siden
  • No shit HIS Norwegian

    Ayob MohialdeenAyob MohialdeenDag siden
  • .

    Oskarn 2007Oskarn 2007Dag siden
  • Haaland looks like unspeakable

    Catherine BarnesCatherine BarnesDag siden
  • He reminds me of JLingz

    proč septášproč septášDag siden
  • Hålland 2-1 PSG bye.

    Amine MebAmine MebDag siden
  • Norwegian Gang - - -

    Olav Leiang NangoOlav Leiang NangoDag siden
  • this guy is too weird 🤣🤣🤣

    junaid raziq kundoorjunaid raziq kundoor2 dager siden
  • Tottenham cant win trophies

    The GoldenMoleThe GoldenMole2 dager siden
  • Here after he scored 2 against PSG

    m9u7shurikenm9u7shuriken2 dager siden
  • Cristiano keep inspiring younger generation

    Jamal ImamJamal Imam2 dager siden
  • He destroyed psg

    Donmezz RanitDonmezz Ranit2 dager siden
  • He scored 2 Goals to PSG 🤣🤣

    CHILL YETICHILL YETI2 dager siden
  • Pluben

    shaggy69shaggy692 dager siden
  • Lol PSG just got beat 2-1 and 2 goals from earling braut haland

    Richmond opokuRichmond opoku2 dager siden
  • Who is here after haaland scored 2 against PSG

    sandipansandipan2 dager siden
  • Who's here after he scored a brace against PSG ? ⚽️⚽️

    Ianis CarasolIanis Carasol2 dager siden

    Goatdog 08Goatdog 082 dager siden
  • Noen norske

    Jaran StreamingJaran Streaming2 dager siden
  • Man Uniteds current Manager: SOULSHAAA

    LeergutLeergut3 dager siden
  • please subscribe to letchy vids he has cancer and not long left to live show him your support

    Ben McCabeBen McCabe3 dager siden
  • Hey Oh my goal make a video on the ban of Manchester city....

    Anand krisAnand kris3 dager siden
  • As im norwegian i love to watch english videos about håland just to hear how funny it sounds when you pronounce norwegian names

    Nig GaNig Ga3 dager siden
  • Please add Turkish subtitle

    Ahmet TürkanAhmet Türkan3 dager siden
  • HIS name is lyng, the to other guys name is flow kings

    Lavrans GustavsenLavrans Gustavsen3 dager siden
  • Gutta kan dokk slutta å prate så møye då bli det ikkje noke løye

    T JT J3 dager siden
  • 1st

    oscar barriusooscar barriuso3 dager siden
  • Noice

    veipunii lanaveipunii lana4 dager siden
  • I knew 😂

    Gnädiger LandvogtGnädiger Landvogt4 dager siden
  • What the hell happened to Isco

    G1 YTG1 YT4 dager siden
  • Refuse to believe there is an adult on this earth who speaks like this geezer narrating

    MacMac4 dager siden
  • Omg the way this don speaks makes me wanna die

    Matt LlewellynMatt Llewellyn4 dager siden
  • i did know everything

    PeepzeyPeepzey4 dager siden
    • If u have Instagram you’ve defo already seen all those old videos 😂😂

      woiour loinwoiour loin4 dager siden
  • The champiiiiiooooons hahaha🤣🤣🤣i laughing death haha

    Nabiミ 49Nabiミ 494 dager siden
  • Things I didn’t know about him That he actually plays in football

    diungy alisnrdiungy alisnr4 dager siden
    • Norway guys ----------->

      woiour loinwoiour loin4 dager siden
  • My boy said zlatin

    Ricky DIAZRicky DIAZ4 dager siden

    Leo NiharLeo Nihar5 dager siden
  • if he was coached by Ole, how the fuck dd we miss out on this kid @mufc

    Billy OkangBilly Okang5 dager siden
    • Haaland my new favourite player HE LIKE LEEDS YAY

      diungy alisnrdiungy alisnr4 dager siden
  • I knew everything bc im Norwegian!

    BOT_ EskilBOT_ Eskil5 dager siden
  • No his rap name is Lyng!

    BOT_ EskilBOT_ Eskil5 dager siden
  • He literally says in the music video that his name is Lyng, so that's already a mistake...

    SynceySyncey5 dager siden
  • 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 4life

    Track_Default YTTrack_Default YT5 dager siden
  • One of the people That are teaching at My school are the mother to Haaland/Håland

    eM_ZekoツeM_Zekoツ5 dager siden
  • Me that is Norwegian Hearing Håland 🤯 and cant understand why you say Hæalænd

    dcoog anmldcoog anml5 dager siden
  • PSG vs BVB Mbappè vs Haaland Neymar vs Sancho T.Silva vs Hummels Verrati vs Reus This gonna be littt👍👍

    Lionel MessiLionel Messi5 dager siden
  • Ugly as fuck

    CT SCANCT SCAN5 dager siden
  • He's actually pronounced Holand I think cause of the å

    vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb5 dager siden
    • U need to learn how to speak norwigan before u make a video about Håland and its Håland not Haaland

      dcoog anmldcoog anml5 dager siden
  • Norway guys ----------->

    Noah EgelandNoah Egeland5 dager siden
  • If u have Instagram you’ve defo already seen all those old videos 😂😂

    2kNokes2kNokes5 dager siden
  • His rap name is Lyng not flowkingz

    UnknownClan UKCUnknownClan UKC5 dager siden
    • When you put the black guy on Fifa and change complexion to white lol then you get haland

      vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb5 dager siden
  • Eerling Braut Haaland!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ An absolute beast Wish him all the best with Dortmund!

    woiour loinwoiour loin5 dager siden
  • 0:22 *His rap name is Lyng, not Flow Kingz

    ツFranklimツFranklim6 dager siden
  • Haaland my new favourite player HE LIKE LEEDS YAY

    Pheonix CallumPheonix Callum6 dager siden
  • Hvor er mine norske brødre og søstre???

    William ZiwokoWilliam Ziwoko6 dager siden
    • Hey, hey, hey! Never Never ever sing again!!! Thank you.

      woiour loinwoiour loin5 dager siden
  • Norsk

    UnknownClan UKCUnknownClan UKC6 dager siden