13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.




  • the only real question is why tf is ami still here

    Emily ThomsonEmily Thomson7 timer siden
  • plot twist monty got corona in prison

    Emily ThomsonEmily Thomson7 timer siden
  • Is anyone else shook 😳😳

    Avianna ZAvianna Z7 timer siden
  • Didn't even know they were doing another season. cray-z

    Ordinary ThingsOrdinary Things7 timer siden
  • "Mon Ty was framed" Me: what??

    Manuela BushamaniManuela Bushamani9 timer siden
  • What is this show about??? Murder investigation?? because I am kind of confused by the title

    aljel Saljel S9 timer siden
  • 5 more days boys

    delsin cyrilledelsin cyrille9 timer siden
  • I'm glad this show is ending after this season these kids have been through so much shit lmao

    Zachary.BZachary.B9 timer siden
  • so like if these characters are normal high school students do they like go to spanish 3rd period and frame their best friend for murder during their free period 4th period or...?

    Sabrina MoranSabrina Moran9 timer siden
  • What is this show anymore, like I'm not saying it's bad but damn it's been on so many topics it feels like a damn roller coaster ride

    neanea9 timer siden
  • I'd never thought I'd say this... But I want Hanna back!

    Smol memelordSmol memelord9 timer siden

    Smol memelordSmol memelord10 timer siden
  • The thing I hate about season 3 (and probably this season now too) is that it’s all about trying to make us feel sympathy for a rapist. The worst part is that fans are actually buying into it and believing it. Like there are fan accounts for Bryce and Monty. There are people who say “Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for them! They did bad things, but they had bad lives!” I feel like the show should be preaching the opposite. Like having a rough life ISN’T an excuse to be a rapist. No one should feel bad for Bryce or Monty. They had bad lives, but they decided to take all that anger out on other people in the worst way possible.

    Idc ?Idc ?10 timer siden
  • Tbh I just want Sheri back. That's all I want.

    ARAARA10 timer siden
  • This season it's totally UNNECESSARY but I'm still watching it. 🤭💕 ily Netflix.

    Kira EdenKira Eden10 timer siden
  • The fact that this started with tapes lol classic

    mcg okoromcg okoro10 timer siden
  • When are these kids graduating

    Kazia TaylorKazia Taylor10 timer siden
  • Damn u ever gonna let the bitch die

    A FA F10 timer siden
  • Diego has montys jersey

    Karrisal _Karrisal _10 timer siden
  • What happened to Hannah ruined them all in ways they can’t imagine. Yes, it’s about Hannah, but aren’t we all interested to see how the people involved suffered, changed, or got on with their lives? That’s what the other seasons showed us. It showed us that we may know someone going through shit like Hannah, but there’s definitely a lot out there. There are Jessicas and Justins out there, keeping all to themselves, scared but looking for a perfect time to get out. Hannah brought out their deepest fears and darkest secrets, tearing them into pieces but bringing them as a whole. Actually, I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore right now. Hahaha. I just thought, this series’ great and a call to those who suffered or is suffering the same to speak out, you are not alone and you can rise and still have friends from all that you have been through. PS: Karma. Sometimes it knocks you down quickly that you don’t know which sin we’re paying for. If each of them are good and kind enough to people, none of this would ever happen, to Hannah or to anyone else. Okay, I really don’t know how to prove a point anymore. I’ll zip it now. :)

    Heart del RosarioHeart del Rosario11 timer siden
  • Everybody keeps saying that they dont like that its not about hannah or her mental state but the show wasnt just about her it was about horrible real things revolving around high school that kids have to deal with but maybe not as much as them

    meow meow powermeow meow power11 timer siden
  • I believe that all the dead charecters shown are just as people have. Even saying hallucinations caused by the severe mental trauma these people.have went through. Imagine going through this irl

    cool brocool bro11 timer siden
  • I have no idea what the hell is going on here

    Karen HerrickKaren Herrick11 timer siden
  • How can this be the last season. Let's say the all graduate... it's not like nothing ever happend after they do right?! Monty hannah and Bryce still died!! Something will forever follow them where ever they go right. This is not a "what happens in high school, stays in high school" thing!!

    emma kokemma kok11 timer siden
  • I’ll give you 13 reasons why this show needs to be cancelled

    Boob BbBoob Bb11 timer siden
  • Y’all saying all these negative comments but still is going to watch the show 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️

    Melanin QueenMelanin Queen11 timer siden
  • This show just needs to stop bruh

    Goose PapiGoose Papi11 timer siden
  • I’m surprised any of these kids are still sane after they experienced Black mail from a girl who committed suicide, another student trying to commit suicide surviving, another one sexually assaulted by a broom, more blackmail, testifying in front of court, solving the murder of a rapist, and protecting someone who was going to shoot up the school. I guess it’s because they have Cinnamon Toast Crunch to keep them active.

    The Marvelous Mastermind Behind The MoviesThe Marvelous Mastermind Behind The Movies11 timer siden
  • I’m not understanding why every one is so upset that’s it’s not about Hannah anymore I mean how many seasons could they make about someone who is no longer alive I enjoyed every season and enjoy all the twist and turns great show and I’ll be watching 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Melanin QueenMelanin Queen11 timer siden
  • Omg I cannot wait yessss

    Melanin QueenMelanin Queen11 timer siden
  • I believe bojack horseman portrays mental illness better than this show it’s turned into a drama

    Morgan FaunceMorgan Faunce11 timer siden
  • As an actor, this show is actually one of the best produced shows I’ve ever seen...

    Nikolas GuindonNikolas Guindon11 timer siden
  • I believe it should’ve ended at Season 2 but you know I’m still gonna watch it

    WaffleTubeWaffleTube12 timer siden
  • Oh god why did they bring Anie back smh worst character ever

    The BoyThe Boy12 timer siden
  • Why is this show still called 13 reasons why . Whyyyyy

    Car losCar los12 timer siden
  • The best thing that ever happened to this show is that it ENDED.

    Sam BrownSam Brown12 timer siden
  • Googiginga

    1 hour music1 hour music12 timer siden
  • Omg they better get rid of the new girl like no one wants her in season 4 she ruined season 3 as it is!

    ItyogirlvevoItyogirlvevo12 timer siden
  • This soooo happens in high school!

    ItyogirlvevoItyogirlvevo12 timer siden
  • Alright let's just get this over with

    Syed Noore RasulSyed Noore Rasul12 timer siden
  • ma che è sta cagata

    daniel bertindaniel bertin12 timer siden
  • nobody cares this show is more dead than hannah baker

    Boxx TopzBoxx Topz13 timer siden
  • What?????? So what happened to this series

    yron love 09yron love 0913 timer siden
  • Can someone pls summarize the last season for me? I never finished watching it smh, nor do I plan to lol

    NatNat13 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> "At some point, isn't it like, enough is enough?" ... Yes Justin, that's what some people were saying 2 seasons ago.

    Ian PringleIan Pringle13 timer siden
  • This show keeps getting shitty every season

    Kim GoodeKim Goode13 timer siden
  • do the characters gets time to study? do they even pass?

    Rizwan KhanRizwan Khan13 timer siden
  • Well that looks shit

    abd ouaabd oua13 timer siden
  • Very Good Show, but it went from being very real in Season 1 and 2 to more of a Drama in Season 3 and 4

    Mr BlankMr Blank13 timer siden
  • I am feeling sad to see "the final season".

    Haris IkramHaris Ikram14 timer siden
  • This is going to be the endgame of 13 reasons why.

    Christian C.Christian C.14 timer siden
  • 13 reasons why im scared to use school bathrooms

    acacia bluacacia blu14 timer siden
  • How does a story change from a girl who committed suicide to this?

    Ruben VelaRuben Vela14 timer siden
  • 🥺👏😭

    Aillene VarelaAillene Varela14 timer siden
  • 13 reasons why ended at season 1 period . Idc

    Howard SHoward S14 timer siden
  • Imagine being in class with a bunch of murderers, framers, instigators, rioters and rapists.

    Worst NightmareWorst Nightmare14 timer siden
  • H

    Kristal SpencerKristal Spencer14 timer siden
  • This shows defiled it’s own memory by making a second, third, and now fourth season. Season 1 is the only respectable season of this show.

    I’m stupid butI’m stupid but14 timer siden
  • Does anyone even still watch this show?

    Kaboom KablamKaboom Kablam15 timer siden
  • The fact that Clay's parents were trying to get him to take medicine is season one and in season three were conserned when Justin brought up the fact that clay said Hannah was IN his head. There is a high possibility Clay has psychosis and there are not ghosts at all.

    spaghetti channelspaghetti channel15 timer siden
  • This show should have ended on season 2 ! wtf

  • I don’t care if Monty was framed, he can be in jail for what he did to Tyler. I could care less about him.

    misanthropicvevomisanthropicvevo15 timer siden
  • *thanks God...Tony finnaly have new haircut*

    SaamoDomacSaamoDomac15 timer siden
  • ppl watch this??

    cristallincristallin15 timer siden
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> we feel the same bruh

    Anushka SrivastavaAnushka Srivastava15 timer siden
  • S1, reasons why hannah killed herself S2, reasons how to tell truth or lie at trial S3, reasons why everyone wanted bryce to be killed S4, reasons to ???

    Raditya A.Raditya A.15 timer siden
  • I missed that line "hey it's hannah. Hannah baker...........live and in stereo."

    MirzaMirza15 timer siden
  • I really Liked the full screen and bright setting

    MBeastie 34MBeastie 3415 timer siden
  • Finally, this toxic ass show ends

    Dóra KrőningerDóra Krőninger15 timer siden
  • Wait was monty framed thou tf happened last season

    Cutie PieCutie Pie15 timer siden
  • Ani still exists too🧐

    Christina GuiteChristina Guite15 timer siden
  • So I didn’t watch the previous season bc I think it’s whack but this season tho looks fire on baby 🤭

    Rolling Thunder [Perla]Rolling Thunder [Perla]16 timer siden
  • My god this show is now turning star plus

    pratyush debpratyush deb16 timer siden
  • I think Season Four is one season too many

    Michael IncataMichael Incata16 timer siden
  • What is his secrets?

    Tenette GerzonTenette Gerzon16 timer siden
  • I am very excited and looking forward to this final season. Sad that it's the last. Hoping I'm wrong. I've binged the first 3 seasons in preparation.

    Gina InSpadesGina InSpades16 timer siden
  • Why didn't 13 Reasons Why end after season 1... They could at least bring Hannah back :(

    FMALFMAL16 timer siden
    • so true 😂👍

      Lauren DipiliLauren Dipili16 timer siden
  • My cousin wanted to start watching this show when it was in season 3 and wanted to start there and have me explain everything else and I was like “there is no explaining this show you need to see it”

    Brendan MadesBrendan Mades16 timer siden
  • Oml this show has a final season the final 2 season should have been a trial of the bullies Netflix give more attention your other potential shows not this

    BobBob16 timer siden

    Amine JaddadAmine Jaddad17 timer siden